AC Replacement

At Hope Refrigeration and Electrical services, we offer best prices on the beast AC brands. We offer comparable prices on all the name brands, almost all the HVAC units come with vendor warranty. It may be difficult to select a unit when you have many vendors to purchase the system. We will advise you on which vendor equipment has a better performing rating and low maintenance issues. As we have accounts with all the vendors, we are happy to pass on our savings to our customers.

Package HVAC units:

Package Units are usually roof mounted. They contain both condenser and evaporation coils in one easy to install unit. We offer low prices on Package Units. When replacing Package Units, we almost always replace the metal frame supporting the HVAC unit and connecting duct and disconnect box if the unit being replaced is too old. A condensation pipe must be connected property, otherwise your roof will get damaged from the dripping condensed water in humid summer days.

Split HVAC systems:

Split systems, as the name suggests, are two separate units. One unit is the heat pump which is usually installed on the ground next to your house. The other is the air handler, installed inside the home's attic. Split systems are typically more efficient than the package unit because the heat exchanger, indoor coil is inside the attic. Split system replacement involves extra work due to installation of the air handler inside the attic.

Selection of HVAC unit size:

Typically, in order to cool a 500 sq. ft. space, you would need 12,000 BTU (roughly equivalent to 1 Ton). If your house has very good insulation, low heat loss or gain, then slight compromise can be made in Tonnage of system selection. Usually the price difference is not very much for 1/2-1 tonnage delta. If your system is running longer and not shutting down when the temperature settings are met or running with high frequency, we will need to diagnose for any issues or the size of the units being improper.

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